Endowed Funds

In the early 1980s, the board’s Finance Committee recommended the purchase of zero coupon bonds as a strategy to create the school’s endowment. It was an important decision for the school: When the last of the zero coupon bonds matured in 2003, the initial investment of $310,000 had returned $1.6 million. Foote’s endowment now stands at $21 million. A distribution is made annually from interest earned on invested funds.

Unrestricted Endowed Funds

Endowment for Financial Aid

Campus and Facilities

Curriculum Enrichment



Restricted Funds

The school also appreciates and relies upon the support provided by Restricted Funds. These funds are not endowed  —  the principal is spent as needed over the years.

Fourth graders spend weeks sculpting clay candle houses in art class. For a few glorious moments, their creations light up a darkened Sandine Theater as part of a winter-themed celebration.

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Director of Development and Alumni Programs

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Recently Established

The Mandell Family Summer Sabbatical Program

The Mandell Family, whose daughters Madison ’15 and Isabella ’18, are now in high school, created an endowed fund to support summer sabbaticals for Foote teachers, one of many ways we honor our outstanding teachers and keep the love of learning alive at Foote! Each year the sabbatical program funds teacher proposals for travel, professional development or other experiences that provide important chances for continued learning, time for reflection and renewal.