The Foote Fund

A gift to The Foote Fund is the best way to immediately impact the programs and people that make the Foote experience special and unique. With your support we can better empower our students to lead with courage, compassion, and purpose. 

Your support is experienced by our students in everyday moments on campus, like when a sixth grader celebrates a scientific discovery in the lab, a third grader tends to vegetables in the organic garden, or an athlete’s beaming smile after hitting a clutch three-pointer. Your support also manifests in broader community experiences like a first-grade trip to the Eli Whitney Museum to spark imagination, or ninth graders getting a chance to practice their Spanish language skills — in Spain.

We ask you — our families, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends — to make The Foote School your top philanthropic priority. Your contributions have a significant impact on our ability to deliver the best possible experience for our students, but it also enables us to respond to emerging, unexpected needs of our students, faculty, and families. It also allows us to share the Foote experience with families who cannot afford the tuition on their own. Fostering that sense of community is, as they say, “so Foote.”


every $25 given to Foote provides the equivalent purchasing power of $500 of endowment.


Last year we were able to provide $2.6M in financial aid to new and returning families.

Fourth graders spend weeks sculpting clay candle houses in art class. For a few glorious moments, their creations light up a darkened Sandine Theater as part of a winter-themed celebration.

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Class Captains

Parent volunteers, known as Class Captains, contact other parents during the fall to encourage them to support the Foote Fund. If you would like to volunteer as a Class Captain, please email Jody Abzug.

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Director of Development and Alumni Programs

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