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Kids Ask, Teachers Answer - Vol. 2

What determines whether a sunset is pink, purple or red? How many words are in the English language? Why do lines appear on a screen when you photograph it? For this week's podcast episode, we featuring part two of our series "Kids Ask, Teachers Answer." We had more questions than we could get to in our first episode, so we're doing an encore.

Curiosity is the fuel that powers learning at Foote, and this episode gives a glimpse of the delightful, thought-provoking conversations that take place in our classrooms every day.

Kids Ask, Teachers Answer

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Kids Ask, Teachers Answer - Vol. 2

Did you ever wonder what determines the color of a sunset? Or how many words are in the English language? Hear answers to these questions in more in Volume 2 of our Kids Ask, Teachers Answer podcast series!

Kids Ask, Teachers Answer

For our latest podcast episode, we asked our students what they’re curious about—with no guidelines at all—then put a grab bag of questions to our faculty and staff.

Summer Reading 2021 and Recommended Books

Foote librarians Jennifer Friedman, Katie Santomasso and Anna Stover talk about their summer reading picks for students and what they'll be reading on their own this summer.

Voices of Change

For a project called "Voices of Change," 8th graders in Deadra Hart's music class learn about American protest music and then worked in small groups to write original songs about a cause that moves them. Students from two of those groups discuss the process of composing and recording these songs, and the current events that inspired them.