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The Charles

"When we moved from Chicago, we had no idea what a warm, seamless transition it would be for our boys. Foote reached out to not only connect us with other families but to thoroughly understand our children in a way that gave us a great deal of comfort to start the school year. Kindergarten for our youngest was a dream. He learned so much in one year from his two teachers, who were incredibly patient, caring and skillful at their jobs. On top of the academics, they somehow managed to beautifully weave into the curriculum plenty of outdoor learning, social development, creativity, kindness and self-management. Kindergarten at Foote far exceeded any expectations that we had and we wish all young children could start their formal schooling with such an authentically child-centered and enriching experience."Annette Charles

Since 1916, The Foote School has provided child-centered education that nurtures creativity, excellence and joy in learning.