The Parent Experience

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Whether sharing family traditions in classrooms, participating in a parent affinity group or volunteering with the Parent Teacher Council, parents are integral to making Foote a welcoming and inclusive community. There are a number of ways that parents collaborate with the faculty and administration to enhance our work in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force

This group of Foote Board members works with the administration to allocate resources and to ensure that policy and practice align with the school’s mission as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Families for Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Parents/guardians meet monthly in this open group to share personal experiences and strategies with one another and Foote staff related to raising children in a multicultural world. Ensuring clear communication within, and beyond, the Foote School community regarding the school’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, this group is open to any parents, caregivers, faculty or staff of the Foote community.


> September 10, 2021: Families for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion meeting notes


> October 15: Families for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Updates

> October 8: Parent Affinity Group Updates

> November 20: Families for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Updates

Parent Affinity Groups

This is an opportunity for parents who share a common identity to come together in community and to affirm and enhance the experiences of the children and parents who share the affinity identity. Active parent affinity groups include:

  • Parents of Children of Color Affinity Group - hosted by Foote parents Martin Nguyen and Christine Kim. This is a group open to anyone who has a child that identifies as a person of color. Once we get started we will evaluate the need/interest to break off into smaller subsets. Email the co-facilitators: Christine Kim and Martin Nguyen

  • Latina/o/x and Hispanic Affinity Group - hosted by Foote parents María Ospina and Sabrina Marques, this group is open to all Foote parents and guardians who identify as or affirm with the Hispanic, Latina/o/x and/or Latin American community. Un grupo abierto a padres, madres y cuidador@s, que hacen parte de la comunidad hispana, latina/x y/o latinoamericana. Somos un grupo bilingüe. Proveeremos traducción al inglés a las personas hispanohablantes que lo necesiten. Email the co-facilitators: María Ospina and Sabrina Marques 

  • Being and Raising Anti-Racists - hosted by Foote parents Rob Hames, Meredith Mira, and Bill Rankin. This group is open to all parents and guardians with a child who identifies as white. The group will focus on understanding and disrupting racism in ourselves, our families, and our community. Email the co-facilitators: Rob Hames, Meredith Mira and Bill Rankin



MOSAIC (Multicultural, Open-Minded, Supportive, Accepting, Inclusive Community) is a volunteer group of parents, faculty and staff that works to promote diversity and understanding by bringing outside speakers to campus for thought-provoking talks for parents and students. Past MOSAIC speakers—many of whom come from the Foote community—have shared first-hand accounts of Japanese-American internment, the partition of India and Pakistan, school desegregation in Little Rock, the Armenian Genocide and the art of Persian storytelling. 

Special Events

Unite Through Understanding Day is a special event held every few years that brings guest speakers to campus for hands-on workshops and discussions that promote appreciation of others' backgrounds and experiences. Best of all, students choose the workshops they want to participate in. Past workshops have included:

  • The Art of Protest
  • Brazilian Birthday Party
  • Exploring How People Eat Food All Over the World
  • Greek Dancing
  • Building New Families: Stories of Adoption
  • Living with Blindness
  • My Eritrean Experience
  • Can 2 Men + 1 Baby + 2 Dogs = 1 Family?
  • Stories from the Beginning of Rap
  • Body Workshops: Celebrating Our Uniqueness
  • An Imam, a Rabbi and Priest Walk into a School
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Growing Up Jewish in Iran
  • Young and Powerful: Fighting Climate Change Together
  • What is it Like to be a Refugee?

Parents help organize Unite Through Understanding Day, a special event where students can expand their understanding of other cultures, religions and identities in a safe and supportive atmosphere.