Weekly Testing

In order to create the safest possible learning environment, Foote School has partnered with Mirimus Clinical Labs to implement weekly saliva-based PCR testing for all in-person students, faculty and staff. Testing is administered at home every Tuesday. Results will be updated on this page each Monday.

You can find test results and answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please contact school nurses Kathy Lufler and Ann Regan in the Student Health Office at healthoffice@footeschool.org.

Weekly Results - Past 7 Days (Updated 6/15)


Positive Tests


Tests Completed

* Does not include tests administered off-campus

About Our Testing Program

How does testing work?

Mirimus Labs uses a non-invasive, saliva-based PCR test that is FDA Emergency Use Authorized. Students and staff provide a saliva sample by spitting into a collection tube. Click here for an information sheet from Mirimus.

Can one eat before the test?

No eating or drinking for 30 minutes before the test. This includes gum, candy, throat lozenges and breath mints. Also, no mouth wash on the day of testing.

How long does the test take?

It usually takes just a few minutes.

Can my child practice for this test at home?

Yes. They can practice with a short straw. Collect the saliva under the tongue, insert the straw and let the saliva flow through the straw into the cup. Make sure they do not blow bubbles.

Who administers the tests?

The tests are self-administered at home.

When does testing take place?

Students, faculty and staff take test kits home each Monday and return them on Tuesday morning.

How quickly are results known?

This requires a little explanation.

  • Individual test results will be pooled together into groups of 24.
  • In general, results from the pool tests are known by Thursday.
  • If a positive result is detected within a pool, all individuals whose tests were part of that pool would be notified and would need to be picked up from school, or remain home. 
  • The lab would then isolate individual test results from the pool to determine which individuals were positive.
  • Isolating individual test results can sometimes take a day or two.
  • Once test-positive cases are individually identified, decisions would be made about quarantine, additional testing and contact tracing, based on school protocols and in consultation with public health officials

What if my child has already tested positive for COVID-19?

Anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19 should not be tested for 90 days, as doing so could result in a false positive.

How are results kept private?

Test result information is shared with the school on a HIPPA-compliant system to protect individual privacy.

Are students tested every week?
Yes, at least through the week of March 12. We will reevaluate the need for ongoing testing following spring break.

Am I able to opt out of testing?
No. If a student does not participate in the testing program or produce their own negative COVID-19 PCR test, they will not be permitted on campus and will need to engage in remote learning.

The health and safety of our community is everyone's responsibility. Only by working together can we ensure a safe and sustainable in-person learning experience.

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Beth Mello, Assistant Head of School & Acting Head of Middle School
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Chrissy Khachane, Head of Lower School
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