We have sought to provide answers to many of the most commonly asked questions that we have received. If you have specific questions not answered in this guide, please email the appropriate division head: Chrissy Khachane for Grades K–5 (ckhachane@footeschool.org) and Beth Mello for Grades 6–9 (bmello@footeschool.org).

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Key Contacts

Aléwa Cooper, Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: acooper@footeschool.org

Student Health Office
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: healthoffice@footeschool.org

Beth Mello, Assistant Head of School & Acting Head of Middle School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: bmello@footeschool.org

Chrissy Khachane, Head of Lower School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: ckhachane@footeschool.org

David Sklar, Business Manager & CFO
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: dsklar@footeschool.org

Foote Front Desk
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: info@footeschool.org