Facilities & Space

We are fortunate to have a spacious campus that allows for all students to have the option to learn on campus four days per week with reduced class sizes. We have thoughtfully assigned each grade to spaces that match their development needs and will optimize the use of campus facilities. This section outlines the major changes that affect the day-to-day experience of students and families.

In This Section

1. Changes to Classrooms
2. Ventilation and Air Handling
3. Enhanced Cleaning
4. Health Office
5. Bathrooms
6. Common Spaces

Changes to Classrooms

  • Classrooms have been reconfigured to allow for physical distancing that is compliant with State of Connecticut guidelines for reopening schools.
  • Extraneous furniture and device-charging carts have been removed.
  • Microwaves have been removed.
  • Water fountains and student lockers are off-limits per health guidelines.



Ventilation and Air Handling

  • Air handling systems have been upgraded campus-wide to increase fresh air to classrooms, improve filtration and utilize updated HVAC software.
  • All enhancements meet or exceed state guidelines.



Enhanced Cleaning

  • Dedicated cleaning staff sanitizes high-touch surfaces continuously throughout the day.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned twice daily.
  • Nightly cleaning includes all desks, counters and high-touch surfaces in classrooms, offices, stairwells and bathrooms throughout campus.
  • Each Friday, the campus is disinfected using an EPA-approved electrostatic fogging process.



Health Office

  • Our Student Health Office has two distinct treatment areas: one for individuals exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19, which has a direct door to the outdoors; and one for individuals with other health concerns.
  • We have two full-time nurses on hand at all times.



Outdoor Learning Spaces

  • Several large tents will be set up around campus to serve as outdoor learning venues this spring.
  • Teachers seek all available opportunities to utilize outdoor learning spaces on campus, including the tents, the woods, the mud kitchen and the community garden, as well as parks and natural areas within walking distance.


  • Shared bathrooms are restricted to one person at a time (includes locker rooms).
  • Touchless faucets and fixtures have been added to all rooms.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned twice daily.

Common Spaces

  • Campus common areas such as the Twichell Room and 9th Grade lounge are closed or restricted for use by specific cohorts of students.
  • The library is temporarily closed to students and families.
  • Hallways have been designated as one-way traffic.
  • When possible, students exit classrooms directly to the outdoors in order to avoid hallways.

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Teachers will maximize use of outdoor learning spaces on campus, including the woods, the mud kitchen and the community garden, as well as parks and natural areas within walking distance.

Key Contacts

Aléwa Cooper, Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: acooper@footeschool.org

Student Health Office
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: healthoffice@footeschool.org

Beth Mello, Assistant Head of School & Acting Head of Middle School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: bmello@footeschool.org

Chrissy Khachane, Head of Lower School
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: ckhachane@footeschool.org

David Sklar, Business Manager & CFO
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: dsklar@footeschool.org

Foote Front Desk
Phone: 203-777-3464
Email: info@footeschool.org