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This Week at Foote is the official podcast of The Foote School. Join us each week as we speak with students, faculty, staff, and alumni about the latest classroom news, tips for parents, and interesting topics from within the Foote School community. Whether you are a parent, an alumnus, or simply interested in learning more about this vibrant community of learners and educators, This Week at Foote is for you. Tune in for engaging discussions and thought-provoking insights on life at The Foote School!

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This Week at Foote

"I love Foote through every grade, every second of it, for sure." These were the first words spoken by Levi York, a Foote School graduate of the class of 2023, when sitting down with us to discuss his 10 years as a student at Foote. 

The conversation went through all different highlights of his time at the school which included a memorable field trip at the Bronx Zoo. Levi remembered the experiential learning moment as integral to the Foote School curriculum. "I think it really takes the "learning by doing" and incorporates that by learning to interact in a public environment — and also just have fun with the animals."

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