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spain day 7

We got on the bus and headed to Montserrat where unfortunately the funicular was not open for the season yet so instead our able bodied guide Raquel took us on a hike through the mountains to see the amazing views! 

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maple tree tapping

Every year, Kindergarten students from The Foote School extract sap from maple trees in our Sacred Woods. The sap is then boiled into maple syrup for their annual pancake breakfast. This year, Foote School parent Andy Bromage, a maple sugar making hobbyist, helped out this year with the process. Students from all Kindergarten through grade 9 classes came and observed the process.

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We started our day with a bus tour through Barcelona as we made our way to Parc Güell. During the bus tour we were able to see how the city is uniquely situated between mountains to its west and the Mediterranean Sea to its east.

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After a two-hour bus ride this morning we arrived to Cordoba, where we walked across the ancient Roman Bridge to the Mezquita de Cordoba. This is a unique historical location marked by three different religions coexisting in the same area peacefully.

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