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"I love Foote through every grade, every second of it, for sure." These were the first words spoken by Levi York, a Foote School graduate of the class of 2023, when sitting down with us to discuss his 10 years as a student at Foote. 

The conversation went through all different highlights of his time at the school which included a memorable field trip at the Bronx Zoo. Levi remembered the experiential learning moment as integral to the Foote School curriculum. "I think it really takes the "learning by doing" and incorporates that by learning to interact in a public environment — and also just have fun with the animals."

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Witness Stones Project 2023
Witness Stones Project ’23

By Maia Cort ’25

When Nean was 24, he escaped his enslavement in New Jersey and made it to Connecticut. The Gradual Abolition Act that was passed in New Jersey in 1804 allowed all children born into enslavement to be free until they were 21 (female) or 25 (male). Since Nean was born just one year before the Gradual Abolition Act was enacted, he missed qualifying for his freedom.

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Witness Stones Project 2023
Witness Stones Project ’23

By Cordelia Thompson ’25

I never knew that on the New Haven Green, families were torn apart, or that Hartford prospered from insuring the slaves of wealthy Southern plantation owners. These things really stick with you when you realize everything is connected and that New Haven probably wouldn't have existed without slavery. 

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