Grandparents & Special Friends Day + May Day 2023

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The tradition of May Day continues! May 26 was a day of community and a celebration of spring!

We started by welcoming grandparents and special friends to a reception, followed by our annual May Day celebration, where all Foote students performed traditional dances! Below are photos from the day!

Grandparents Day 2023
Grandparents & Special Friends Day 2023
May Day 2023
May Day 2023

Grandparents Day is a cherished Foote tradition. Grandparents and special friends are treated to a reception in the morning, and invited to stay for the May Day festivities. Then our guests can enjoy a picnic lunch, while visiting classrooms.

May Day: Did You Know?

  • May Day is Foote's longest-standing tradition, beginning in the 1920s. 
  • In the 1950s, each grade was given a different role in the celebration.
  • Traditionally, third graders weave ribbons around the maypole, and ninth graders perform the Sleights Sword Dance.
  • We still dance to a 1950s recording of then-music teacher Jean Shepler's piano accompaniment.

(Source: The Foote School: Celebrating 100 Years)