Campus Safety

Foote School 


What is a shelter-in-place drill?


What is a lockdown drill?

In a lockdown drill, students 


Are there security cameras on campus?

Yes, Foote has a robust system of security cameras that are monitored throughout the school day by our campus security staff.

Does Foote have security guards?

Yes, Foote has three full-time security guards; the number was increased to three for the 2021-2022 school year.

What other security measures do you have in place?


Do you have any resources to facilitate conversations with students about these drills?


  • Lockdown email

    • General overview of how we do this: what’s a lockdown, what’s a shelter in place

    • Cameras on campus

    • Hired an additional security guard

    • Took a hiatus on drills during Covid; couldn’t put unvaccinated kids into a closet together

    • With vax rates and guidance from health team, we feel we can safely do this now

    • Students will be in close proximity for fewer than 15 min

Key Contacts

Aléwa Cooper, Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Student Health Office
Phone: 203-777-3464

Beth Mello, Assistant Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Pam Fortin, Interim Director of Operations
Phone: 203-777-3464

Foote Front Desk
Phone: 203-777-3464