Covid-19 Response

Foote School has implemented a series of health and safety measures for the 2021-2022 school year to create a learning environment that supports our students' physical, emotional and social wellbeing. School will be in-person 5 days per week and parents will be allowed on campus. Friday dismissal will be at 3 p.m. This page was updated on April 7, 2022.

In this Section

1. Health Protocols for 2021-2022
2. Schedule & Logistics
3. Parent Protocols
4. Arrival & Dismissal


Health Protocols for 2021-2022

Will masks be required?
Currently, we are mask-optional. Students should continue to carry a mask with them when at school as situational masking is considered on a case-by-case basis (e.g. an indoor meeting where physical distancing is not possible).

Are you requiring students to be vaccinated?
No. While we are aware that a few schools are requiring students to be vaccinated if they are eligible, we do not currently have plans to require a vaccine. The one exception is overnight trips; any student attending an overnight school trip must be vaccinated.

Do you want proof of vaccination?
Yes. If you have children who have been vaccinated, we ask that you provide proof of vaccination to our Health Office as this will help with our planning moving forward. Proof of student vaccination should be uploaded to your parent portal account (navigate to the Magnus Health tab) by Sunday, August 29 at 3:00 p.m. 

What about physical distancing?
Physical distancing will continue in the classroom at a distance of 3 feet.

Will students need to be tested for Covid-19 prior to school starting?
Yes, if they are unvaccinated. All unvaccinated students will be required to submit a negative PCR test prior to starting the school year. Students should be tested no sooner than Wednesday, August 25. Results must be submitted by 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 29, using Foote's HIPAA-compliant Magnus Health portal, which you can access through your parent portal account.

What cleaning protocols will be in place?
Frequent cleaning will continue to maintain the healthiest possible campus environment. Faculty will continue to ensure appropriate handwashing and healthy hygiene practices.

What about bathrooms and locker rooms?
Depending on their size, bathrooms and locker rooms may be limited to 2-3 persons at a time.


Schedule and Logistics

When is new student orientation?
Monday, August 30. 

When is the first day of school?
Tuesday, August 31. Grades K–5 will be on campus, and Grades 6–9 will be off campus for Project Week activities.

Will school be in-person 5 days a week?

What time is Friday dismissal?
3 p.m. Previously, Friday dismissal was at 2:15 p.m.

Is remote learning an option?
Remote learning will only be available for medical reasons and requires a letter from a doctor and approval from the school.

Will the library, theater, gym and art studios be in use?
Yes. All specials spaces will be used for their intended purpose, rather than as homerooms.

Will all classes be in person?
Yes. Teachers will be stationed in their classrooms, and students will move around to specials classes in the Lower School, and for all classes in the Middle School.

How many students per class?
Depending on vaccination status, physical distancing and classroom dimensions, class sizes will range from 12 to 18 students.

Will students mix across classes and grades?
Middle School students will mix across the grade levels for modern language and math. Lower School students will mix within their grade level for language classes.  

What about lunch?
Lunch will be eaten outside as much as possible. Students should continue bringing brown-bag lunches that do not require reheating.

Will students have use of lockers and cubbies?

Will After School Program be offered?
Yes. After School Program will be available 5 days per week, from dismissal until 5:30 p.m.

Will sports be offered for Grades 6–9?
Yes. Our plan is to offer interscholastic sports depending on health conditions.


Parent Protocols

Will parents be allowed on campus?
Yes. Parents will be allowed on campus but only outdoors to begin the school year. We will adjust throughout the school year as conditions and guidance allow.

Will there be parent gatherings on campus?
Yes. We will hold parent gatherings in-person, in accordance with the latest health guidelines. We may continue to hold some parent gatherings via Zoom.

Will parents need to wear masks?
We are currently mask optional except in situations where health guidelines recommend masking (e.g. an extended indoor parent meeting where physical distancing isn't possible).

Will the daily health screening still be required?
No. Students, parents, faculty and staff should continue to monitor at home for any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 and report any illnesses to the Health Office.

What if I my child is sick, or I have a question about health protocols?
If your child is ill, absent or if you have a question about health protocols, please directly contact the Health Office ( rather than your child's homeroom teacher/advisor.


Arrival & Dismissal

How will morning arrival work?
Students will continue to arrive at staggered times in the morning beginning at 7:50 a.m. in 10 minute increments, in order to prevent students clustering together.

What about afternoon dismissal?
Dismissal will also continue to be staggered beginning at 3:00. Athletes will be dismissed at 2:55 to facilitate use of the locker room.

How do I know my drop-off and pick-up times?
Returning families will be assigned their same drop-off and pick-up times as last year, unless otherwise requested. New families will be assigned a drop-off and pick-up timeslot before the start of school.

Can I walk my children to their classrooms?
Yes. Parents may walk students to their classrooms and drop them off at the exterior door of the classroom or classroom building. For health reasons, parents are asked not to enter classrooms or classroom buildings.

If you want to walk your children to their classroom, please arrive at your designated time and park on the school side of Loomis Place. Please do not double park your vehicle.

What if I want to drop off my child(ren)?

  • Please arrive at your designated time and location.
  • Grades K–3 can drop off at the Canner Street traffic circle.
  • Grades 4, 5 & 9 can drop off at the Highland Street traffic circle.
  • Grades 6–8 can drop off on Loomis Place.
  • Families with younger siblings should drop off at the location that corresponds to your youngest child.

Will school staff help my child unload and get to class?
Yes. School staff will be stationed at all drop-off / pick-up locations to assist children in getting to class.

Key Contacts

Aléwa Cooper, Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Student Health Office
Phone: 203-777-3464

Beth Mello, Associate Head of School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Chrissy Khachane, Head of Lower School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Barry Fulton, Head of Middle School
Phone: 203-777-3464

Foote Front Desk
Phone: 203-777-3464