Welcome to the fully engaged, fully alive Foote School experience.

Foote is the kind of school where your child runs inside when you drop them off and is smiling when you pick them up. It’s a place where students—and teachers, and staff members—feel fully engaged, fully alive. 

There’s a lot of learning by doing: experimenting, collaborating, revising. Students are always digging deeper, asking hard questions, looking for new challenges. It’s a K–9 school, so every resource is dedicated to lower and middle school students, and students take leadership roles at each stage. They come from all over the region, from different backgrounds.

But everyone is here for the experience, the Foote School experience. It stays with you forever. 

This is what it means to be fully engaged.

student science project

“The best thing about being a Foote School student is having a great support system from the time you get on campus. Foote School students and faculty are welcoming, respectful, and willing to help you navigate through hardships you may experience.”

Will, Grade 8

Admissions Deep Dive

Kindergarten students

In small homerooms, students have a chance to form tight-knit bonds with each other and their teachers. At the same time, there are many opportunities for students to expand their friend group during shared moments between other homerooms and other grades.

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Cross Country at Foote

The excitement and joy that came from this new event — our on-campus day of school spirit — was a clear reminder that the power of our school is our people — how we care for one another, how we find joy and wonder in the process of engaging with one another, and how we honor our differences while celebrating shared values.

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After careful observation from the summit of East Rock, first and second graders worked together in the classroom to create a three-dimensional map of the area using wood and pattern blocks.

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Foote Facts

39%self-identified students of color

25% of students receive financial aid

19 languages spoken in homes of Foote families

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