Financial Aid Process

Foote School welcomes all applications for financial aid and handles each request with seriousness and confidentiality. We understand it is a personal process and we work with each family to make the experience comfortable and clear.

How is Financial Aid Awarded?

Foote uses School and Student Services (SSS) to help assess the financial profile of each family. Parents are required to complete a Parents' Financial Statement online to determine the estimated amount a family can contribute to educational expenses. SSS applies a uniform methodology that considers taxable and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, family size and the number of students in tuition-charging schools. After a standard allowance for basic living costs and required taxes, a percentage of a family’s remaining resources are considered for education. SSS electronically sends your family’s estimated parent contribution to Foote, which our Financial Aid Committee uses as a basis in determining your financial grant.

The Financial Aid Committee follows best practices as determined by the National Association of Independent Schools and treats all applications in the strictest confidence. The Financial Aid Committee reviews the information from SSS in conjunction with the applicant's IRS tax forms to make the final determination with regard to grants based on a family's demonstrated need. If a family's parent contribution is less than the Foote School tuition, the difference determined is the amount of the financial need for that family. If a family's parent contribution is greater than the Foote School tuition, the family does not qualify for need-based financial aid. Notification of financial aid awards will be sent at the same time as admissions decisions for new students and by the end of April for returning students.

How do i apply for Financial Aid?

Please start by reviewing the Financial Aid FAQs.

To apply for financial aid, follow these steps:

By February 15

Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) online.
At SSS, click on "Complete Your PFS" and create an account for your family using your email address. Be sure to keep your login and password information. Please note that if you are applying for more than one child, you only need to complete one PFS form.
The Foote School code is 3191.

Electronically upload copies of the following documents directly to the SSS website:

1. A signed and finalized copy of your 2018 and 2019 Federal 1040 tax forms (not state), including all supporting schedules
2. 2018 and 2019 W-2s
3. If you have a Partnership or S-Corp, you are also required to submit a copy of the K-1(s) and 1065 forms. Please upload these in the Additional Documents section of your application.
4. If you report parent student loans in the debt question on the PFS, you are required to submit the most recent loan statement. Please upload this statement to the Additional Documents section of your application.

February 15 - March 10

The Financial Aid Committee meets throughout this time. The information provided helps the committee make equitable and fair awards to help as many families as possible. This process is completely confidential and your financial information will only be available to the members of the Financial Aid Committee.

By March 1 (Grades 6-8), By March 10 (Grades K-5)

Notification of financial aid awards will be sent with admission decisions to accepted students. Please note that all families who enroll at Foote School, and are receiving financial aid, are required to complete the financial aid application process each year with current information to verify a family's level of financial need.

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