Tuition & Financial Aid

Independent school education is an investment in your children's future, perhaps the most important one you can make. When children love learning from an early age—because they feel known and challenged, and learn from teachers who nurture their individuality—they develop confidence, critical thinking skills and compassion.

We understand that independent school requires a significant financial commitment and takes careful planning. To support families and socioeconomic diversity, Foote offers a program of need-based financial aid.

What is Foote's tuition?

2021-22 School Year





Do you offer Financial Aid?

Yes. We offer Financial Aid based on a family's need. Our aim is to provide access to a Foote education to qualified students whose families might otherwise not be able to afford the full tuition.


of students receive Financial Aid


Financial Aid awarded

Based on my income, how much might my family pay?

The table below shows the income ranges of families receiving Financial Aid and what they pay toward tuition. The Family Contribution is the total amount a family will pay toward tuition, whether they have one child or multiple children enrolled at the school.

Family Income Family Contribution Range Avg. Family Contribution
$0 - $75,000 $500 - $10,000 $3,600
$75,001 - $125,000 $1,000 - $18,000 $6,100
$125,001 - $175,000 $4,400 - $27,600 $15,900
$175,001 - $225,000 $14,600 - $50,600 $22,700
$225,000 + $21,500 - $54,500 $39,700

The Financial Aid analysis is not based solely on a family’s total income. Other factors considered include: assets; federal taxes paid; parents' student loan debt; number of children in full-day, tuition-charging schools; and number in your household. 

The best way to determine your eligibility is to speak with Kelly Small, Director of Financial Aid. Contact her at or 203-777-3464.

What Is included with tuition?

  • Morning snack
  • School supplies and textbooks
  • Athletic uniforms
  • Field trips
  • Technology resources including 1:1 Chromebooks in Grades 3–9
  • Learning Support resources as needed

*All families pay an annual Parent Teacher Council (PTC) fee of $60.

are there additional fees?

After School Program
K - Grade 6
(annual cost)

$3,400/5 days
$2,800/4 days
$2,250/3 days
$1,650/2 days
$950/1 day

After School runs until 5:30 pm each day. Families who receive financial aid for tuition will receive the same percentage of aid toward after-school costs.
Vacation Program $45/half day
$90/full day
A full-day vacation program is offered to families during most school vacation days from 8:00am - 5:00pm.  Families who receive financial aid for tuition will receive a discount for this program.
Minicourses $100 -$150 range Weekly class for 6 weeks. For students already enrolled in the after school program there is a discount.
Instrumental Lessons

$40/half hr lesson
$50 registration fee

Weekly private lessons are offered on the Foote campus between 3:15 and 5:30 p.m.
Ninth Grade trip to China $4,100 This 2-week class trip is an optional experience. Families who receive financial aid for tuition will receive the same percentage of aid toward the trip.

Ready for the next step?

Foote’s curriculum is interdisciplinary, exploring themes across subject areas to create deeper connections. As part of a unit on Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, third graders drew underwater scenes on scratch board.