Foote School is a vibrant place where children are valued as individuals and teachers develop close relationships with students and parents. Students make discoveries—about the world and themselves—through play, inquiry, experiential learning and daily interaction with the community around them.


The culture of Foote balances academic rigor and play, tradition and innovation, freedom and responsibility—each with the same high expectations of hard work and joy in learning.

Love of Learning

Children love coming to school at Foote because each day is filled with hands-on learning challenges that require creativity and teamwork.

Diversity & Inclusion

Foote offers a safe place for young children to grow and explore, and a welcoming and diverse community for families.

The Right Size

Our size is just right: small enough to build a close-knit community, yet large enough so students can interact with a variety of classmates and diversity of perspectives throughout their years at Foote.


Children leave Foote with a globally inspired education and pride in the contributions they have made to the school community. Our graduates go on to become judges and journalists, artists and diplomats, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, computer engineers, professional athletes, college presidents, social workers and more, applying their Foote School experiences to lead lives of purpose.

A Great Place to Grow Up


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After careful observation from the summit of East Rock, first and second graders worked together in the classroom to create a three-dimensional map of the area using wood and pattern blocks.

Foote Facts

students in auditorium

39%self-identified students of color

25% of students receive financial aid

19 languages spoken in homes of Foote families

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