The 9th Grade Program

Ninth grade is the capstone year of the Foote experience. It affords students a series of exceptional opportunities for academic and personal growth.

High school-level courses include lab-based biology, Comparative Cultures, and a roundtable English class that focuses on literature analysis, personal essays, creative compositions, and poetry. Students form close bonds as they support each other through a challenging and exciting year, from a retreat on Cape Cod, to the ninth-grade play, to the two-week Spain trip, to Poetry Cabaret. Ninth graders assume leadership roles in every aspect of school life, allowing them to enter high school with greater confidence and academic readiness.

Ninth grade at Foote School is a special experience that you cannot have at another school. I have realized that learning … is about pushing yourself. Doing it in a great environment is what makes it enjoyable. Ninth grade is a continuation of the environment that you love about Foote.

Charlie, 9th Grade

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Puerto Rico 2024

Puerto Rico Day 6

Leaving APRODEC was an emotional and meaningful experience. The deeply touching closing ceremony led by Don Justino reminded us of the importance of being part of something that is bigger than we are.

Puerto Rico Day 5

We paddled through the canals of a mangrove forest in the fading light. When we arrived at a lagoon, the sky was aglow with millions of stars which we could see very clearly. Then we noticed that when we splashed the water, it would emanate “sparks” of bioluminescence

Spain Trip 2023

We travel to find the differences and the similarities between our own cultures and the cultures of others. We travel to make memories that can last a lifetime.

spain day 7

We got on the bus and headed to Montserrat where unfortunately the funicular was not open for the season yet so instead our able bodied guide Raquel took us on a hike through the mountains to see the amazing views! 


We started our day with a bus tour through Barcelona as we made our way to Parc Güell. During the bus tour we were able to see how the city is uniquely situated between mountains to its west and the Mediterranean Sea to its east.

For more than 25 years, Foote ninth graders have studied the health of New Haven’s West River, analyzing water samples and aquatic life and reporting findings to officials at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.