School Day Schedule

Foote’s schedule was developed to support student learning and success. Children’s days are rich and stimulating, and play is a priority; every grade goes outside for recess twice a day. Our schedule is tailored to each age level based on a clear understanding of child development. Each day balances time for active learning with periods for reflection to nurture the whole child.

Foote operates on a six-day cycle (A-F Days). Most class periods are 45 minutes; art and some science classes are 90 minutes each. The core subjects are taught 5-6 times per cycle.

Foote's curriculum seamlessly celebrates each child's uniqueness while reinforcing the benefit of collaborative learning and teamwork. Art projects allow students to express themselves as an individual and, when displayed upon completion, see their class community as a whole.

When a student in my classroom shows curiosity in a topic, we have the flexibility in our schedules to spend a little extra time on it because we're not teaching toward a test. We're able to explore what our students are interested in and, in doing so, validate their curiosity.