Travel Opportunities

Travel is a beloved tradition for our Middle School program, as students in eighth grade travel to Washington, D.C., each year, and students in ninth grade make an international voyage. In years past, the ninth graders traveled to China; last year and this year, Spain has been host to a travel program that ties together all aspects of the ninth-grade curriculum, from language, to math, to humanities and community engagement.

Spain Trip 2023

We travel to find the differences and the similarities between our own cultures and the cultures of others. We travel to make memories that can last a lifetime.

spain day 7

We got on the bus and headed to Montserrat where unfortunately the funicular was not open for the season yet so instead our able bodied guide Raquel took us on a hike through the mountains to see the amazing views! 


We started our day with a bus tour through Barcelona as we made our way to Parc Güell. During the bus tour we were able to see how the city is uniquely situated between mountains to its west and the Mediterranean Sea to its east.

D.C. Trip 2023

New friendships have formed, practical and historical lessons learned, and certainly memories made. This trip has indeed felt like the capstone for our 8th grade year.

DC Day 3

We started our day with a morning hike at Theodore Roosevelt Island. It was a lovely spring morning, and students were able to observe the monuments, write some reflections of the trip in their journals, make some sketches of the beautiful surroundings, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

DC day 2

Some Apple watches say we walked over 8 miles today, or 18,772 steps. We started out day walking the hallowed paths of the Arlington National Cemetery and were struck by the vastness of the place.

8th grade DC Trip

Our intrepid travelers gathered on Loomis Place bright and early, ready for adventure. After getting on the road in record time, we made our way down south to our nation’s capital.