The Middle School Experience

It was an unbelievable moment—shouts of joy and anticipation coming through the trees as the last two sixth-grade hikers reached the summit of Bear Mountain, Connecticut’s tallest peak. As they clambered up the mountain’s north side, classmates who had already reached the top came back along the trail to cheer on their friends.

That moment, on a remote mountaintop, is middle school education at its best, and captures the Middle School experience at Foote. It’s about finding strength in a tough moment and then building on that experience, finding the next foothold, the next ounce of courage. It’s about being proud of ourselves and at the same time cheering for others. It’s about the journeys we make as individuals, and those we make together.

Foote’s middle school teachers share a deep interest in working with each student to bring out the passions and talents that will allow them to find success on our campus and beyond. Each grade from 6 through 9 is designed to challenge students during that specific stage of their development, and ties into a larger curricular arc that supports their academic and emotional growth and prepares them for high school.

Our highly skilled faculty understands the unique social and academic challenges of the Middle School years and brings a level of expertise that allows students to reach new heights as scholars, citizens and human beings.

For more than 25 years, Foote students have studied the health of New Haven’s West River, analyzing water samples and aquatic life and reporting findings to officials at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Meet Barry Fulton

Barry Fulton
Head of Middle School Barrington "Barry" Fulton Jr. is a dynamic educator who has spent nearly two decades as an independent school teacher and leader. Barry has passion for working with middle school students and a personal warmth that fosters trust and partnership with students, parents and faculty.

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