World Language

The goal of the Middle School modern language program is for our students to achieve proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students continue with their modern language selection through their middle school years, building comfort and familiarity with the structure and features of the language and gaining experience with expression and conversation. Many of our students complete the third level of high school study by the end of ninth grade. Middle schoolers also add Latin to their studies in seventh grade, gaining insights into the roots of Romance languages and Roman culture. Latin focuses on literacy, history and the analytical study of a classical language.

The sixth grade Festival of the World caps a yearlong study of global cultures, religions and geography. Each student studies a different country, creating a range of informational and artistic projects, including a model of a famous landmark.

Meet Beth Mello

Beth Mello

As interim Head of Middle School, Beth provides educational leadership in Grades 6–9. As Assistant Head of School, she oversees the school's curriculum development; diversity, inclusion and social justice initiatives; and faculty professional development.

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