Humanities & History

We believe that students learn best through inquiry and practice of a critical and creative nature that encourages them to take personal and intellectual risks. Our interdisciplinary Humanities courses nurture a love of literature and history while leading students to understand the world and its many cultures, past and present. The program helps students to develop empathy for the full range of human experience and emotion and to refine the skills of communication and expression needed to engage as citizens of the global community.

The sixth grade Festival of the World caps a yearlong study of global cultures, religions and geography. Each student studies a different country, creating a range of informational and artistic projects, including a model of a famous landmark.

Meet Barry Fulton

Barry Fulton
Head of Middle School Barrington "Barry" Fulton Jr. is a dynamic educator who has spent nearly two decades as an independent school teacher and leader. Barry has passion for working with middle school students and a personal warmth that fosters trust and partnership with students, parents and faculty.

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