Grade 7

One of the highlights of seventh grade is Early America Day in November. After weeks of independent work, each student becomes a living historian in the role of a significant individual from colonial and early American history, the time period at the heart of seventh grade humanities. In other classes, students delve deeper into abstract thinking and complex topics. Algebra is at the heart of math classes. In science, students build wings to study airflow, investigate and track weather patterns and experiment with wind turbines, among other investigations. A trip to the Metropolitan Opera, the introduction of Latin, the seventh/eighth grade play and a spectacular penciled self-portrait add artistic and cultural texture to the year.

The sixth grade Festival of the World caps a yearlong study of global cultures, religions and geography. Each student studies a different country, creating a range of informational and artistic projects, including a model of a famous landmark.

Meet Beth Mello

Beth Mello

As interim Head of Middle School, Beth provides educational leadership in Grades 6–9. As Assistant Head of School, she oversees the school's curriculum development; diversity, inclusion and social justice initiatives; and faculty professional development.

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