Grade 6

The central theme of sixth grade is journeys. At the core of the curriculum is the idea that people’s connections to places are the result of many factors. Sixth graders study world cultures through lenses such as religion, geography, history, music and arts. At the beginning of the year, students take turns touching a spinning globe—the spots where their fingers land determines the countries they will investigate all year, culminating in a Festival of the World in May. In science, a comprehensive biology curriculum invites students on a different journey to investigate cells, consider ethical questions and learn about the human body. In every subject, students are encouraged to expand their thinking—through complex mathematical operations, through conversational nuances in their modern language classes and through discussions with advisors and peers.

The sixth grade Festival of the World caps a yearlong study of global cultures, religions and geography. Each student studies a different country, creating a range of informational and artistic projects, including a model of a famous landmark.

Meet Beth Mello

Beth Mello

As interim Head of Middle School, Beth provides educational leadership in Grades 6–9. As Assistant Head of School, she oversees the school's curriculum development; diversity, inclusion and social justice initiatives; and faculty professional development.

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