The Lower School Experience

The Lower School at Foote is a boundless journey of self-discovery and possibility. Teachers and students construct knowledge together while learning to read, write, problem solve and build independence. Our curriculum is built on the fundamentals of experiential learning. Our students learn to take risks and challenge assumptions by engaging in hands-on challenges.

Throughout Grades K–5, students explore their own identities and celebrate the individual contributions they bring to our school community. Our classroom curriculum is enriched through art, drama, music, outdoor education, physical education, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. The combined experience affords students the opportunity to discover their own voice, ask thoughtful questions, develop their talents and make courageous choices.

Learning in the Lower School at Foote is a truly unique experience, and one that remains with our students throughout their lives. We invite you to explore our Lower School curriculum and visit Foote to experience the excitement for yourself!

For a science unit about organisms, first and second graders find monarch butterfly eggs and larvae locally, which they observe and study in the classroom. When a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, students release it into the campus butterfly garden.

Head of Lower School

Cara Hames

Cara Hames
Interim Head of Lower School

Cara provides educational leadership in Grades K–5.