Primary grades classes (Kindergarten through second grade) focus on young children’s natural abilities to perceive, create, and appreciate the visual arts, while developing a positive attitude, and perhaps, a lifelong interest in art. Painting, collage, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, and fiber art projects often relate to the themes that the children are studying in other areas of their curriculum. Clay owls, brightly painted monsters, three-dimensional action figures, mosaic tiles, and coil pots are a few of the creations that emerge from these lively classes. The children’s work is often displayed in hallways and galleries around the school.

Students in third through fifth grade continue to build foundational skills using a variety of media. Most of their projects are designed to complement the curriculum in science, literature, and social studies: inventor sculptures, arabesque pillows, clay candle houses (a highlight of the fourth grade!) environmental painting and representations of the natural world, Egyptian and Greek arts are a few of the beautiful works our students produce during these years.

Computer coding is an interactive, hands-on pursuit at Foote. For a third grade STEM project, students design robots using LEGOs and program their movements using click-and-drag Scratch coding.