In Lower School, mathematics instruction addresses all five of the major themes recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability). Our pacing guides provide clarity and continuity within and between grades as students gain competence in numeracy and computation, mathematical reasoning, spatial relationships, measurement, and data-driven operations. Flexible grouping, which begins in Kindergarten, allows teachers to adjust instruction in response to student needs. Teachers receive guidance and support for their instruction during regular meetings with the math specialist and through presentations, on-site workshops, and a range of professional development experiences.

As children progress through the elementary grades, new skills are introduced in a systematic manner to build on previous experiences.We recognize that our students arrive in school with a wide variety of mathematical experiences and knowledge. Our program is grounded in a deep appreciation for children’s cognitive development; concepts are presented through concrete, hands-on activities and progress toward more abstract and complex approaches to problem-solving.

Computer coding is an interactive, hands-on pursuit at Foote. For a third grade STEM project, students design robots using LEGOs and program their movements using click-and-drag Scratch coding.