Our Kindergarten curriculum engages children’s natural curiosity and energy. From scientific explorations of water, wood and paper to social studies lessons about personal identity, communities and families, our youngest learners are guided to ask questions, observe closely and share ideas.

Children spend ample time outdoors as part of our outdoor education program. Letters, sounds and words come alive in our reading program. Math concepts become real as children use numbers in useful ways. The sounds of a new language, the skills of new games in physical education, and the notes of new songs add texture to the children’s days. Art projects—whether constructed in the woods or painted in our sunlit studios—focus on technique, appreciation and joy.

K schedule

Our Approach: Experiential Learning

In early spring, Kindergartners tap Foote’s sugar maples to learn about making sap into syrup. The unit combines science, math, social studies and language arts, ending with a celebratory sap boil and pancake breakfast.