Grade 4

Big projects and long-term investigations are at the heart of the fourth grade curriculum. Students design, evaluate and re-build model cars in science. They investigate the ways that people come to the United States and consider the question, “What does it mean to be an American?” They learn as much as they can about one of the 50 states and assemble an exhibit, complete with a three-dimensional map, for their State Fair. They write an extensive biography of a significant individual, learn to play the recorder and sculpt exquisite clay candle houses. In all of these endeavors, the focus is on learning by doing. Through the process of revising and reflecting on their own work, students practice perseverance and develop a sense of well-earned pride in their finished products.

In early spring, Kindergartners tap Foote’s sugar maples to learn about making sap into syrup. The unit combines science, math, social studies and language arts, ending with a celebratory sap boil and pancake breakfast.

Head of Lower School

Chrissy Khachane
Chrissy provides educational leadership in Grades K–5.

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