Grade 3

In 3rd grade, the past comes alive through a study of 19th-century New England, with a focus on Connecticut through different perspectives. Students visit Old Sturbridge Village, construct art projects, read primary source documents, and learn songs and stories from this historical time as they explore the question, “What does it mean to be a leader?” This question frames the school year as they research leaders from an array of backgrounds and experiences and develop an understanding of how to effect change.

Language arts classes explore novels and literature from a variety of historical and cultural sources and the children read biographies of leaders through history. Third grade is also the first year for homework—a milestone for many students. Science, math and STEM classes introduce students to  design thinking, new mathematical expressions, inventions and animal habitats. After their introduction and exposure to Spanish and Mandarin from kindergarten through 2nd grade, 3rd graders (and their families) choose one of these languages to study for the remainder of their Foote years, embarking on an exciting cultural and linguistic journey.

In early spring, Kindergartners tap Foote’s sugar maples to learn about making sap into syrup. The unit combines science, math, social studies and language arts, ending with a celebratory sap boil and pancake breakfast.