Grade 1

Literacy and developing foundational skills are at the core of 1st grade. In language arts, children build confidence and competence in reading, writing and comprehension. They continue to consolidate early literacy skills through the Fundations Program. Through visual literacy activities, children’s vocabulary and expressive language expand as they learn to “read” works from the Yale Center for British Art.

Their social literacy expands through explorations of identity, stereotypes and culture. Social studies units expand the children’s ideas about communities within Foote and contemporary New Haven. In math, 1st graders master basic facts, identify patterns and sequences and “find” math in everyday experiences. Spanish classes, fun challenges in physical education and an expanded repertoire in music, drama and art extend learning beyond the classroom every day.

In early spring, Kindergartners tap Foote’s sugar maples to learn about making sap into syrup. The unit combines science, math, social studies and language arts, ending with a celebratory sap boil and pancake breakfast.