Students at Foote are active and engaged. Our teachers embrace the idea that learning occurs best when students have the opportunity to apply concepts and skills in meaningful ways, and when they can make connections among ideas from many subject areas. The curriculum at Foote reflects the school’s core values as well as the best in current instructional practice. Our goal in each discipline is to prepare students to contribute to and participate in society. Teachers and students develop and practice foundational skills, learn and apply content knowledge, and engage in higher-order thinking.

The Lower School curriculum is hands-on. We’ll talk about ecology, habitats and living and nonliving things. Then we’ll grow plants, do experiments, set controls and change one thing at a time: light, water, soil temperature. We ask questions, make predictions and discover new things. We want our students to make connections and to find out why.

Jim Adams, Grade 5 teacher

Australia has stunning and varied geography, something third graders learn during an interdisciplinary unit on the continent. After choosing a landscape photograph to paint in watercolor, each student wrote a haiku inspired by their artwork.