Lower School

The Lower School at Foote is a boundless journey of self-discovery and possibility. Teachers and students construct knowledge together while learning to read, write, problem-solve, and build independence. Our curriculum is built on the fundamentals of experiential learning. Our students learn to take risks and challenge assumptions by engaging in hands-on challenges.

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program pairs younger students with older ones for activities like reading, community service, art projects, and play. Kindergarteners are paired with ninth graders, first graders with eighth graders and so on. The program builds friendship and community, and genuine affection between buddies which lasts for years. 

Buddy Program at Foote

Being a ninth grade buddy to a kindergartener is such a heartwarming experience. You visit their class and get to see their eyes light up and while you’re running around the playground with them, you can’t help but feel honored to be a role model and help start their first year at Foote off right.

Head of Lower School Cara Hames

Cara Hames