Foote’s library is the heart of the school and a place where students develop their joy of reading and foundational research skills. The library features an unparalleled 48,000 print volumes, 545 audiobooks, 14 magazine subscriptions and digital resources.

Our three full-time librarians get to know every student’s interests and develop an uncanny ability to find just the right books to keep them reading voraciously. At weekly library class, younger students are read stories and taught to look for visual clues, develop listening skills and make connections between the books they read and the world around them. Older students study literary genres and use the library to conduct research and evaluate sources. The library is open before and after school hours, and families are always welcome.

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In addition to teaching their own lessons Foote's librarians provide resources year-round for teachers and students to dive more deeply into lessons. In February, age appropriate books on social justice, racial identity, and Black history are highlighted.