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Welcome to The Foote School! I hope to meet you in person sometime soon.

At Foote, we live our motto every day: Gladly will I learn and gladly teach. When you walk onto our beautiful campus you can instantly feel the excitement and joy of children learning and playing, of teachers and students interacting, and of a diverse and welcoming community sharing ideas and asking questions.

Learning is an active experience for all members of our community. Our project-based curriculum teaches children to think critically and to learn by doing. Our faculty is dedicated to understanding how children learn and has developed an age-appropriate curriculum that reflects this knowledge of pedagogy. We teach in ways that inspire creativity and curiosity, collaboration and resilience, because we know that these skills are critical to our children’s future success.

Since 1916, Foote School has cultivated an atmosphere of excellence and mutual respect through close relationships among teachers, students and families. We are an intentionally diverse community—a diversity of perspectives and ethnicities, as well as socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds —and we have witnessed how this leads children to greater understanding and academic excellence.

I invite you to explore our website or visit us in person to learn more about our history, mission and philosophy, and to see first-hand the joy of learning that takes place every day at Foote!

Thank you for your interest in our school.



Carol Maoz
Head of School

The focus of eighth grade art is sculpture. For one project, students sculpted Dr. Seuss characters using newspaper, aluminum foil, plaster and tempera paint.