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Mission Skills Initiative

Foote School is a founding partner in an exciting national initiative to nurture noncognitive skills in our students. INDEX is a nationwide group of independent schools working together to measure the growth of young people in six key areas: curiosity, creativity, collaboration, ethics, resilience and time management.

Decades of research have shown that noncognitive skills are equally as important as cognitive skills in determining both academic and life success. These six "mission skills" have formed the core of Foote's educational philosophy for a century. New scientifically based assessments provide innovative tools to measure how successfully our curriculum is meeting the goals outlined in our mission.

The results have affirmed our approach to learning, with Foote students performing at or near the top in all six areas. Equally important, the initiative provides a forum for schools to share ideas and best practices.

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The “sludge test” is the capstone project of eighth grade science, challenging students to determine the component parts of a mystery substance. Succeeding requires perseverance and diligent data collection.