Honoring the Earth with our Words

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Honoring the Earth with our Words

In honor of Earth Week, Foote's Environmental Action Group (EAG) gathered Foote students, faculty, and staff to share their appreciation for nature's wonders. Among the many art works and poetry submissions shared at the assembly were the two submissions below, which were considered standouts by the EAG curators:

"Sit and Wait"

By Logan Slabaugh, 8X

The most peaceful looking things,

Are really the most chaotic,

To see beyond you have to sit and wait,

Under the calm waters of a river

Fish are racing,

Trying to find their family,

They’re hatching from eggs,

Just trying to survive,

Looking for food,

Carefully maneuvering to not get stuck on the sand

Or in the rocks up above,

They watch as others leap beyond them,

This little fish wonders what is to see,

What else is there in the world,

What else is unexplored,

Just sit and wait,

What you wish to see will come.

You look and wonder what is beyond the surface,

What is happening below,

All you have to do is

Sit and wait,

A fish will come,

You will see its story,

Its scars,

Its fears,

Its adventures,

It will show you its story,

All you have to do is sit and wait



By Charlie Leapman, 2X

The swaying trees

The rustling bushes

The squawking birds

The crashing waves

The shining skies

Make me think 

Of Earth


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