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The following poem was delivered by eighth grader Logan Slabaugh during the Eighth Grade Celebration on June 11, 2024.

By Logan Slabaugh ’25


I’ll miss you my friends,

You’ve introduced me,

You’ve supported me,

You’ve helped me through,

You’ve sat with me at lunch.

I’ve learned so many things,


From fun facts about the world,

To being able to learn from my mistakes

instead of getting frustrated.

I think of these experiences as my bronze.

My bronze has helped me see things differently,

In a way I’ve never thought of,

I believe the bronze is more memorable and more helpful




We have grown so much,

We have learned so much,

Remember the festival of the world?

My country was Thailand,

Bangkok, its capital,

Its full name in Thai has 168 letters.

And do you remember when we had to make rafts?

That first day in sixth grade.

Most of us didn’t make it around the buoy that day.

How about that time we went canoeing at Camp Hazen?

My class was racing across the lake.


We have changed so much.

We are all so different 

From who we were in those first days of middle school.


This is my silver lining.

We have all changed,

But have stuck together,

Now we must go our separate ways,



My gold these few years,

That’s been the difficult times,

Either when friends have left,

Or when school work has been challenging,

From our big yearly research projects like our EAD presentations,

And the Witness Stones project, 

How about this year's Supreme Court posters?

All of these things and our fluctuating friend groups, 



We will all be taking on new adventures in years to come,

Whether that is moving to a new state, 

Going to a boarding school,

Or just starting a new chapter,

We will remember our experiences here

From the good and bad

To the gold, silver, and the bronze


For me,

I will remember,

The gold never stays,

There’s always silver lining,

But the bronze stays forever.

So now I thank you,

As I say my last goodbye to the Foote School Campus

Thank you for my forever.

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