Fossil Finds Its Way to Foote

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Fossil Finds Its Way to Foote
dinosaur fossil

Fifth grader Gage donated this stone to the school, suspecting that it contains a dinosaur footprint — the impression is filled with water on a drizzly day. 

A found fossil has a new home at Foote, thanks to fifth grader Gage. Originally discovered by Gage’s uncle while hiking in the woods near Dinosaur State Park, the fossil is believed to be a dinosaur footprint. It adorned the uncle’s property as a novelty stepping stone before he handed it over to  Gage’s family earlier this year.

Initially, the plan was to contact the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven for further scientific study. The problem was — and is — that the museum is closed for renovations until 2024. So, there it sat, under a tree on the family's property, until Gage got a flash of inspiration. This fossil should be shared with more people, he thought.

“Why not give it to Foote?” he proposed to his parents. His reasoning was sound: Mr. Zielinski could incorporate it into some of his Lower School science units, and many other people could enjoy the opportunity to see a fossil firsthand. “Plus,” he laughed, “it’s a giant foot, so…”

In its new setting abutting the patio, the print has already made an impression on the Foote community. Mr. Z regularly brings his science classes out to inspect the ancient stone, and curious onlookers often stop to check it out. Gage hopes that the potential reptilian remnant can be inspected once the Peabody is back in action.

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