Day 4: 'I’m really excited about what they’re doing here'

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Day 4: 'I’m really excited about what they’re doing here'

Today was our full work-day at APRODEC. This consisted of scraping stucco cement, painting the new addition to the kitchen, and putting a finishing touch on connected and previous paint jobs. We also filled and graded the substrate for a wheel chair accessible ramp. Having completed these tasks, we went farther and chiseled out excess concrete that had collected and hardened at the base of the mural in front of the dining area. 

The students did yeoman’s work today. Though exhausted, they were very happy with all they accomplished today. As our work day came to a close, Manuel and Don Justino demonstrated the new solar pump for the pond/fountain that they are building. During their presentation, one student turned to a teacher and spoke today’s tile into being, “I’m really excited about what they’re doing here,” — a feeling shared by all.

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