Champions and Superheroes

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Champions and Superheroes

The following is an excerpt from Head of Middle School Barrington Fulton Jr.'s welcome address to faculty and staff at the start of the school year.

By Barrington Fulton Jr.
Head of Middle School

This marks my third year at The Foote School, working alongside our faculty to mold young minds, nurture dreams, and champion futures. As we start our year together, I wanted to share the incredible words of the late Rita Pearson: "Every kid needs a champion.” I am also reminded of motivational speaker Jeremy Anderson’s emphasis on the superheroic role we can play in our students' lives

Education is a calling, a commitment to being that champion for every child who enters our classrooms. We are the advocates who light the path for our students, even when the road gets tough.

In our work, many of us become more than just educators; we are inspirers, mentors, and even beacons of hope who guide students toward their fullest potential. Our classrooms should be the training grounds where the superheroes of tomorrow are shaped, where dreams are nurtured, and where a love for learning is kindled.

During her current Renaissance Tour, Beyoncé sings a song named "My Power," during which she shouts, "They'll never take my power, my power." Those words resonate deeply for me when I think about our work, for within the four walls of our classrooms (and really in any of the environments in which we work with our students).

As educators, we have the power to ignite curiosity, instill confidence, and spark a hunger for knowledge and growth that transcends generations. Our influence can and should extend beyond our Clear Touch boards, reaching into the very core of each student's being.

For our faculty, I am here not just as an administrator, but as their steadfast ally. I continue to stand beside them, inspired by the determination and dedication they bring to their classrooms every day. Their commitment to our students' growth is what drives me.

As we step into this new academic year, let's carry with us the spirit of Rita Pearson and the passion of Jeremy Anderson, and the resounding strength of Beyoncé's words. Let's remember that we are more than teachers; we are champions, superheroes who possess unbeatable powers that allow us to overcome challenges, celebrate victories, and continue to create an environment where every student feels valued, seen, and empowered.

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