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This Week in Photos - Sept. 13, 2018


Kindergartners work together to carry a log, which they used to build a structure during their first outdoor education period of the year.


The Foote School 9/11 cenotaph, featuring poems written by ninth graders from the Class of 2002, stands solemnly in memory of the events that occurred 17 years ago.


Middle School athletes assemble for a group meeting to kick off the fall sports season.


First graders read books together in the Perrine Library.


Third graders use iPads to assist with reading comprehension and understanding in Chester Sharp’s class.


Chinese guest teacher Zhou Kun observes a ninth grade Latin class as teacher Tina Hansen explains the day's lesson.


Fourth graders in John Climie's class are eager to demonstrate their understanding of a math problem.


A lively relay race involving many types of movement (running, skipping, hopping) during second grade Physical Education class


Fifth graders in Jim Adams' class begin their study of ecology using fast plants, a variety of mustard that goes through a complete life cycle in 40 days.


Anne Lu talks with eighth graders about their Chinese curriculum and class expectations for the year.


Students cheer for Falco at the first all-school assembly.

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