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This Week in Photos - Sept. 26 2019

Hula hoops help Kindergarten students understand personal "bubbles" and how to create safe boundaries—physical and social-emotional—with their classmates.


Jake Burt teaches his fifth graders from atop their classroom loft.


The art studio's large windows provide the perfect surface for fourth graders to illustrate radial patterns on a sunny day.


The ninth-grade steel pan ensemble rehearses in the the Sandine Theater.


Seventh graders recite poetry from Paul Fleischman's book Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices as preparation for writing their own two-voice poems.


Using the Chromebook's camera and Google Docs, fourth graders photograph programmable Sphero robots in the Jonathan Milikowsky Technology Lab during an interactive scavenger hunt.


Using math manipulatives, second graders work to solve various problems. In this photo, students work together to determine the largest even number less than 400. 

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