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This Week in Photos - Sept. 24, 2020

After studying patterns, a Kindergartner makes his own from objects found outside the classroom. (Photo by Tracey Ruotolo)


The ninth grade steel pan ensemble, under the direction of teacher Debby Teason, practices in the library. Despite the space not being designed for music, Teason says the students have found the acoustics pleasing. (Photo by Nat Kelley DiMario)


Eighth graders observe a classmate performing a pantomime routine in Drama class. Drama Chair Julian Schlusberg discusses the importance of non-verbal communication and visual cues in a performance.


Fourth graders compete in four square during physical education class. In order to accommodate entire grades, new four-square courts were painted on the faculty parking lot off Highland Street.


Teacher Skye Lee helps seventh grade students review vocabulary on handmade flash cards.


Remote learning is enjoyed on a beautiful fall day as two fourth grade students take a laptop outside for their Chinese lesson.


In sixth grade Humanities, students discuss their research on countries around the world.


Ninth graders walk past inspirational signs created by fourth graders on Loomis Place. The signs were inspired by community created signs showing support for neighbors, community members, and the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Second grade students have begun creating fresh-water habitats and will make predictions about what kinds of living organisms might be added as part of an aquatic-habitat unit. (Photo by Melissa McCormack)


Third grade students decorated their outdoor learning tent with positive message flags. Each child wrote a word or phrase that they wanted send out to the community as the wind blows (similar to Tibetan prayer flags).


Seventh graders measure each others' speed walking, running forwards, and running backwards in science class. The fun activity quickly engaged the students competitive natures seeing who could move the fastest. (Photo by Kathryn Larsen)

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