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This Week in Photos - Sept. 10, 2020

A Kindergartner student helps teacher Lynne Banta plant chrysanthemums outside of the classroom during outdoor learning. (Photograph by Alexandra Wittner)


In order to remain in stable cohorts throughout the day, students join into remote classes from their homerooms.


Fourth graders cut and glue different sections into notebooks that they'll use throughout the year.


Ashley Schnabel explains the Mood Meter to her fourth grade class. Mood Meters are part of the R.U.L.E.R. method developed by Yale to teach social and emotional intelligence in children.


In music class, teacher Deadra Hart leads students in a body-percussion name game. The activity helps the class get to know each other while introducing them to music concepts they'll be studying throughout the year.


Librarian Katie Santomasso reads The Toll-Bridge Troll virtually to second graders. Reading this book, about a child leaving for their first day of school, is a beginning-of-school tradition at Foote.


Seventh graders enjoy lunch at new picnic tables set up outside of the gym. The inside of the gym has also been partially converted to allow for physically distant gatherings.


Teacher's took advantage of the nice weather this week and held some classes outside. Third graders are using new chair organizers that allow them to easily take their supplies outdoors.


Students in sixth grade learn how to read and interpret graphs and data in math class. Above, teacher John Hay discusses how information displayed in graphs can sometimes be used to mislead consumers.

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