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This Week in Photos - Nov. 7 2019

Sixth graders in Deadra Hart's music class practice a Diwali dance from India that includes Bharat Natyam poses.


Kindergartners enjoy playing on the tire swing in the lower school playground on a beautiful autumn day.


Using Google Docs, eighth graders write reports in pinyin for Chinese class during a study break.


The entire fourth grade gathered outside to create a chalk "river" with paper lotus flowers they crafted, a lesson led by Chinese guest teacher Zhao Yu (Vincent).


Ninth graders visited artist Krikko Obbott's New Haven studio, The Hill Museum, where they learned about his process for creating world-famous pencil drawings of New York, Chicago, New Haven, Lagos and other cities.


Fourth graders in Andrew Zielinski's science class created a map of a town then sprayed it with water to simulate runoff. The activity helped students understand how a town impacts a watershed.


Artist and Foote parent Megan Craig hung the final pieces of the Suspended Moods art installation in the Sacred Woods. Each stick—500 in all—was painted by a student, parent, teacher or grandparent to symbolize their mood at the time, a project centered on emotional intelligence.


A fifth grader writes poetry outdoors, using the woods for inspiration. The finished poems, posted on teacher Adam Solomon's class blog, reflect the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of fall.


Second graders in Wenyan Witkowsky's Chinese class use balloons to learn the names of colors. The children had to tap the correct color after Wenyan called it out in Mandarin.


Sixth graders explore the Edgerton Park greenhouse during a Life Science field trip. Pictured, science teacher Kim Birge-Liberman demonstrates the beneficial properties of the aloe vera plant.


As part of their unit on archeology, third graders examine a map and artifacts that were "discovered" on an archeological dig with teacher Amanda Diffley.


Seventh graders in Cindy Raymond's pre-algebra class work on their statistics project—a multi-phase unit that requires them to create surveys about topics that interest them, predict responses and analyze and graph the results.


First graders share a celebratory hug during Physical Education class.

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