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This Week in Photos - Oct. 28, 2021

Spanish teacher Rebecca Ruiz Hanlin discusses alebrijes, imaginary spirit animals that are used as decorations for Día de los Muertos alters, with her 7th graders. The unit will culminate with each student making their own alebrije, with a description of themselves and why they chose that animal in Spanish.


During recess, a group of 1st graders play in the Sacred Woods under beautiful fall foliage.


Students in fourth grade recently began learning about chemical compounds and substances. After observing several mystery substances, students planned an investigation to help them identify each one. As students combined different substances, they also looked for signs of chemical reactions.


An 8th grade student uses a tool to carve away clay from a sculpture after researching depictions of the human form throughout art history. Each student is creating an individual sculpture highlighting the unique visual characteristic of their chosen time period or artist.


Kindergarteners began their body-mapping unit this week. After creating a web of ideas about the make up and purpose of bodies, teacher Susan Keegan helped students create a list of questions they had. "How do our brains think?" "What are cells made of?" And "Why do our teeth fall out?" were some of the questions students hope will investigate answers to during the unit.


A second grade student practices writing through a non-fiction personal narrative. Each student was tasked with creating a story that contained a beginning, middle and end. After completing their stories students were able to illustrate them as well.


To kick off a unit on archeology, 3rd graders participate in a mock archeological dig as part of their study of early Connecticut. First, students grid a 40-by-60-foot plot onto the Lower School recess field. Next teachers seed it with various items that appear in different rooms of a house. Finally, students survey the plot, taking careful notes and scale drawings before discussing their findings as a class and hypothesizing about what the site may have been.


On a rainy day this week, 5th graders enjoyed a lively four-square volleyball game in the gym.


In 6th grade wellness class, students are reflecting on their three main areas of health: physical, social and mental/emotional. Students shared five things they're doing well and one area for growth for each aspect. Many students wanted to be kinder and gentler to themselves as a way to have better mental/emotional health. Teacher Kim Birge-Liberman led a conversation about the differences of growth and fixed mindsets during which students were quick to identify their own mindsets in various aspects of their lives.


Music teacher Debby Teason uses a cowbell as a metronome as 9th graders rehearse on steel pans for their first performance of the school year.

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