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This Week in Photos - Oct. 22, 2020

Students in Kim Yap's first grade class enjoy physically distant outdoor reading time in their "book boats".


Sixth graders are reading the book Fins in their humanities class and studying marine ecosystems in biology. To further enhance their learning, students have participated in a series of virtual field trips. In the photo above they spoke with researchers at the Bimini Marine Station in the Bahamas. (Photograph by Kim Birge-Liberman)


Fourth graders recently completed "All About Me" illustrations in John Clime's class. Each student used imagery of rivers, mountains and clouds to represent personal qualities, high and low points in their lives and their aspirations for the future. (Photograph by John Clime)


Kindergartners in Alexandra Wittner's class discuss their mood before placing an image of themselves on their classroom Mood Meter. (Photograph by Alexandra Wittner)


Anne Lu's ninth grade Chinese class takes advantage of a nice day to work outdoors. The cohort is currently studying the Chinese school curriculum and is working on a group project comparing it to school life in America. Later in the year they'll use their findings to design a mock curriculum.


As part of their study of ecology, fifth grade students in Adam Solomon's class turned over rocks and dug through the woods at Foote researching and cataloging the natural life they found.


A student poses on school photo day. This year all student images were taken outside at a safe distance and collages will be made in place of class photos.


Second grade students in Melissa McCormak's class interviewed their families to learn more about the origins of their names on a remote learning Friday. The following week they listened to their interviews and wrote their name stories. (Photograph by Melissa McCormack)


Students in Elliot Dickson's eighth-grade chemistry class observed what happens when different pure elements, such as sodium and calcium, react with water as part of their study of the periodic table. Students noted that elements that were closer to one another on the periodic table had similar reactions with water, prompting an exploration of their similar subatomic structures.

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