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This Week in Photos - Oct. 29 2019

During Grandparents & Special Friends Day, students shared their love of learning with family and friends. In tech lab, guests worked to construct mazes for students to pilot Sphero robots through.


As part of their hands-on archeology unit, third graders examined real historical artifacts. The students sketched each artifact (coins, nails and a doll torso) and discussed how early Americans may have used the items in their daily life.


On a recent field trip to Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, seventh graders encountered powerful works of art dealing with difficult subjects: immigration, family separation, national identity, and what it means to strive for the American dream. Read more about their trip in our blog post Crossing the Borders That Divide.


Foote's Field Hockey team played a hard-fought rematch against Hamden Hall at home last week.


After listening to school counselor Kossouth Bradford read The Colors of Us, Kindergartners mixed paint to match their own unique skin color. The paint will be used to make individual "body maps," as they learn about identity and what make us all unique.


Students, friends, and families enjoyed Foote's annual Halloween Parade and Fair. Half of the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to Columbus House homeless shelters.

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